Awakening the Goddess Within update: Raising the Djed Awakens the Goddess on the fall equinox, September 22/23 2002

By Vincent Bridges

According to Fulcanelli, this astronomically significant moment signalled the season of the double catastrophe, perhaps even the Apocalypse of St. John’s Revelation. Our research revealed that the alignments of galactic, solar and planetary markers formed the Cube of Space seen by St. John as the New Jerusalem, taking shape in the sky before it descends to earth, ushering in the Chilaist millennium. Since the Cube of Space can be seen in the sky every solstice and equinox for the next ten to two hundreds years, then perhaps we are indeed undergoing an “apocalypse.”

The word “Apocalypse” originally had nothing to do with the end of the world or of the age or of a terrible destructive transition. Literally it meant: “pulling away the veil.” It is the Greek noun apokalupsis, which comes from the verb apokalupto, which meant: “to disclose or uncover” (Liddell & Scott. Greek-English Lexicon. Oxford. 1972. pg. 86), and comes from adding the preposition “apo” to the Greek verb kalupto, “to cover,” (Liddel & Scott. pg. 346) and is closely associated with the noun kalputa, a veil. Thus it really meant: “uncovering by pulling away the veil.”

An Apocalypse isn’t the cataclysmic end of everything; rather it is a sudden change in perception. Before, we can’t see the reality of things; a veil of illusion and misunderstanding hides them. Then the veil is pulled away and we see how things really are, the true state of affairs. Think of Toto pulling back the curtain to reveal the Wizard of Oz…

On that day the truth will be revealed, the invisible will become visible, our blinders will be taken off, and the curtain will rise. The idea of calling the Vision of St. John an Apocalypse, the title given in the first verse, shows that it is NOT just about the end of the age. It is about the present situation, this moment in time; it’s a revealing, an unveiling, of a reality to which most of us are blind…

But on the fall equinox of 2002, the veil began to lift. As the awareness of the significance of the moment flew around the planet in the days before the equinox, several unexpected things began to happen.

We never planned or promoted the equinox as any kind of event or happening. Its significance was inherent in the material, but we never felt any particular drive to make it a focal point for anything. We knew it was an important moment, but that information didn’t translate into the need for action until we read Rush Allen’s article on the Dire Gnosis 2012 website. And even then, the action was that of writing the article, not organizing an event. By September 17th, when the first version of the article went up on the Internet, we still had no idea that it would be anything more than a private event.

As the work unfolded, we felt strongly that someone needed to be at Giza, at specific locations determined by Fulcanelli’s hints and the geometry we had uncovered. Unfortunately, that someone wasn’t likely to be us. The notice was too short, and Giza too busy, to get the required permits to be where we wanted to be.

Enter the next layer of synchronicity. A friend, Nicki Scully, happened to have a tour to Egypt scheduled for the equinox, and because of various synchronistic events, she already had the permits needed. When the broader significance was explained to her, she immediately grokked that the hieros gamos was the key moment. She volunteered to be the key group on Giza for “zero hour,” dawn on September 23rd. Since Nicki is an accomplished shaman and ritualist, we felt comfortable with her and her group taking the lead and setting the spiritual tone for the event.

This was already in place by the time we put the article on the Internet. But other than this, nothing else was planned in the way of any kind of event. That was late Tuesday night.

By Thursday morning, the deluge had begun. For the next three days, readership of the article increased almost exponentially, topping out on Sunday at an average of 2,000 hits an hour. By the next Thursday, over 250,000 people had read the article. Over 166,000 of them had downloaded the star charts. We had struck a nerve…

On Thursday evening, 13 different groups had checked in and announced that they were going to be doing something for the equinox and wanted to coordinate their efforts with us. The groups, from Cairo west, included Hendaye in southwestern France, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, New Orleans, Santa Barbara, Zaca Lake, Maui, New Zealand, Australia and Nepal. Other individuals and small groups also wanted to participate.

We sent everyone a set of times and a few suggestions on what to do, and that was pretty much that on our part. From then on, whatever was happening was shaped by whatever was emerging from the collective unconscious. We had pinpointed the moment, and outlined the cosmo-mythic structure, but the event itself we left open to everyone’s inspiration.

What emerged was an outpouring of experiences and rituals centered on awakening and connecting with the Goddess. It seemed as if the re-membering of Osiris as Lord of the Duat, that recognition of the cosmic moment, unleashed a flood of Goddess energy. Isis, The Great Goddess, seemed bent on returning in all her myriad forms. Around the planet, the women took charge, from Nicki Scully on Giza to the main ritual in Tennessee designed by Dahna and The Dance of Isis at Zaca Lake by Shanti and Sharron Rose where the names of all the goddesses were chanted during the key 17 minutes.

None of this was coordinated by anything other than synchronicity. It all just happened because enough folks just happened to be tuned into the same vibe at the same moment. Right… We might as well say that it happened because it was meant to happen; it was ordained and driven by cosmic forces beyond our comprehension, perhaps even caused by the deepest mechanism of life itself. Each statement requires a certain kind of belief.

So, we might be absolutely correct to label the experience of the fall equinox 2002 an “apocalypse.” The Great Goddess, in her role of Dark Mother, the original source of all life and light at the center of the galaxy, lifted her veil briefly and allowed those who were open to the experience a glimpse of the newly emerging archetype of the Goddess of the End of Time. All you had to know was where and when to look.

After the equinox, the emails began to roll in. One of the first was from Nicki Scully in Egypt:

I just want to report that the magick is alive and well, and went perfectly. Thoth instructed us in order for maximum efficiency and potency, and we (thirteen of us) adapted Moira’s ceremony as closely as we could with her guidance. Mike and Suzie and I spent the 17 minutes facing the pyramid and meditating, and Thoth bent time for us to raise the djed in a most powerful ceremony at Sakkara.

Another person on the trip had this to say:

As far as specifics, the ceremony we did at the Sphinx really started things off. I met with several neters I had not previously worked with there, including Isis and Thoth. Later on, at the ceremony we did at the Isis Temple, I made a huge connection with Isis.

And then there was this one:

I am stunned and awed to discover that the timing of our Giza performance in 1978 had such a cosmic depth of meaning (Raising of the Djed, on your website). At that time, Fulcanelli was just a name in a book (”The Morning of the Magicians”, by Pauwels and Bergier); I didn’t obtain a copy of “Mystére des Cathedrales” until much later.
In another key, I’m wondering if during the morning of 9/23/02, you experienced any subjective confirmations of the magnitude of the event- any visions or sounds that seemed to intensify your awareness?
Finally, given the importance of the summer solstice 2003, are you planning any adventures around that event?
Thanks again for your brilliant codification of alchemical and astronomical knowledge- I look forward to reading more of your work…
Phil Lesh
Grateful Dead

Others wrote in to offer contributory bits of information. The team of Vincent Brown and Simon Miles, from Adelaide in South Australia, had several interesting pieces of the puzzle. Vincent Brown’s Pyramid of Man site is a well-documented argument for the Great Pyramid as the Osiris/Djed model, which supports the idea of the Throne of Osiris and the Place of the Djed. Simon Miles, through his work on the Rennes-le-Chateau enigma, demonstrates the importance of the Southern Cross at the moment of its highest, most northern position in the sky. Fascinating work on both fronts…

Rush Allen, the astrologer whose work sparked our re-evaluation of the timing and cosmic significance of the fall equinox, was also inspired by the article:

I have been working on the importance of the September 2002 equinox. The work clearly supports your theory on a spiritual basis. Scientifically the alignment is not sufficiently precise, but the concept is not of a scientific “end times,” nor is it simply a turning of the calendar. The moment is the most significant moment evaluated by cultures over the last 6,000 years. We have an obligation to expose the world to the important message of the Ancient End Times. If we cannot recover the ancient awareness, then we will have not lived up to their expectations and goals.

Here is a web page you should take the time to read. You may not have enough background to fully appreciate what I am saying, but all you have to know is that you triggered the whole analysis. And that may be all you were called to do.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Perhaps the most fascinating of all the experiences that spontaneously emerged from the Djed moment was that of Steve Prellwitz, a writer and astral voyager living in Rhode Island. A year before, Steve travelled to Washington City, The District of Columbia, and connected with the spiritual current that would flower during the equinox Djed Raising. His experience with the awakening Goddess Columbia in what he calls the Ghost Capital raises some interesting implications concerning the role of America at this crucial moment in time. (For more of Steve’s adventures, see

From this, and much more, it is hard not to notice that the archetype of the Goddess was indeed awake and stirring in the collective unconscious. In trying to understand this, we wrote a follow-up article, After Judgment Day, which explores the implications of Nostradamus’ multiple realities scenario and the mythic structure of the Isis/Osiris/Horus motif playing out in the sky. This combination gives us a framework with which to understand the unfolding events of the next 10 years, and the true significance of the Mayan end date of 2012 as a moment of even greater apocalypsis.

On the fall equinox, September 22/23 2002, something wonderful happened… We had a glimpse of a possible future, an apocalypsis of a reality where the threat of catastrophe has been transformed into a eucatastrophe, a cataclysmically good thing, in which the awakened Goddess offers “Light and Liberty to All.”

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