Awakening the Goddess Within: Fall 2002 May Moon Ritual

By Vincent Bridges

The Beginning

At twilight, the participants gather in the castle yard. The Guide of Souls explains the purpose of the ritual:

At May Moon, we awakened the Sleeping Goddess.

The Sleeping Goddess, represented in this context as the right hemisphere of the brain, has long been dominated by the technologically adept, time-sequencing left brain. The right brain, unfettered by time, lives in the moment, in the Place between the Worlds, where time, as perceived by the left brain, is irrelevant.

Now, at Fall Equinox, as the Goddess within all of us is keen and alert, we are able to move through time and arrive at the Loom of Fate. There, Ariadne and her Fates spin, weave and snip. Their job is to apportion time in linear sequences and control the destiny of our individual and collective selves.

By linking together in a living strand of DNA, we move through the labyrinth, entangling the left brain in the Minotaur’s maze, while our liberated right brains twine the path of creativity.

As we enter Ariadne’s web, we enter the realm of endless possibilities where, surrounded by super strings, time is recalibrated. Therefore Fate, as mandated by the formerly dominant left brain, can be rewoven.

It is only through the right brain that this New Time is generated. It is only from accessibility that a new destiny may be spun. If we wish to change the fate of the world, it is here and now, on this night of vast intergalactic alignments, that it may be achieved.

Looking upward, the sky is alive with energy. A six-pointed star configuration pulses in the heavens composed of three fire signs and three air signs. For Fire, the moon is in Aries, Jupiter is in Leo, and Pluto & the South Node are in Sagittarius. For Air, the North Node is in Gemini, Neptune is in Aquarius, and Mercury is in Libra.

Arriving in the meadow, we will encircle the bonfire in an Andromeda Spiral as a cone of energy from the six-pointed star configuration descends. Beneath the bonfire, symbolic of what lies deep within the subconscious and at the subatomic, a particle-anti-particle pair revolves. By channeling the Fire-of-Heaven into the Plutonian Depths (targeted by Sagittarian arrows) A-Ta-L is activated. It is inside this template that the destiny of Earth shivers. It is here, and only here, that Fate may be realigned. Through the six-pointed configuration, numerous stellar pentacles float. They stimulate the life-force potential harnessed by the six-pointed infrastructure.

At the bonfire, we will disperse seeds that will serve as the “seed-precipitant” for a new cycle of time.

Now it rests with us. For reasons not entirely known, we, as the representatives of humanity, find ourselves led down this particular path. A path that will be consecrated by the sacred Elements.

Let us begin…

When the Guide of Souls has finished explaining the purpose of the ritual, the Elements are called.

Using the sound of cymbals or bells, as well as the intonations of the participants, the Elements are beckoned. Bringing a complimentary resonance, their presence allows for the main chant to be instructed. They become the living core of their element at its most essential and therefore most sacred. They are:

Air carries incense; wears white & pale yellow; and chants in a high, thin whisper mixed with the sound of wind.

Fire carries a candle; wears red & orange; and chants in a vibrant, pulsating tone mixed with the sound of sporadic lightning.

Water carries water; wears blue & aqua; and chants in a flowing, undulating tone mixed with the sound of waves crashing.

Earth carries salt; wears gray, green and brown; and chants in an extremely deep tone mixed with the sound of stones thudding.

After the Elements are called into the castle yard, they surround the Guide of Souls while continuing to chant. Their job, at this point, is to infuse the area with sacred energy so that the main chant can be instructed.

Now the Guide of Souls teaches the main chant. He stands in a circle (representing the formation of the universe) composed of five concentric circles. From it, the chant may be articulated. The chant is based on the sacred language of the Hittites. It is the hereditary title of their great-mother-goddess-queen; a title handed down from priestess to priestess since the time of Atlantis. The chant is being used to stimulate the resonance between our individual selves (the right brain/goddess within) and the sacred star configuration (the divine creatrix without) – in particular, the resonance moving from the head of the dragon into the twins.

The sacred name is Tawannanna. It is intoned slowly, like a chant, to activate and anoint the resonance within us: TA (W) AN-NAN-NA. Ta is more than the name of the goddess, it is the process by which potential is stimulated into manifestation. Ta is also the designation of the separation of heaven and earth, meaning, it is the template allowing space and matter to be differentiated; the basis of the word: A-Ta-L-antis. W is the vibrational resonance of life. An-nan-na is the universe’s magnetic current, usually represented by water, and characterized as the streams of time.

Thus as we intone her name, we reconstruct the universe, both within and without.

While chanting Tawannanna, the hereditary title that she now bequeaths to all, the participants form a Chain. The chain is a DNA chain, the underpinning of life on earth. At the head of the Chain is the TorchBearer, the bearer of the kinetic energy necessary for life to exist.

The next in the Chain is a Flute Player. He articulates the first breath of life prior to the differentiation of the elements.

Following the Flautist is the Pulse of the Universe. The Pulse of the Universe is a drummer who slowly plays the pulse of life into time.

After the drummer comes the SeedBearer. Inside her large brass urn are thousands of seeds. These seeds symbolize the vast potential at our command.

Next in the procession are the Elements: first Air, then Fire, then Water, then Earth. They consecrate the path before the Guide of Souls who leads the DNA Chain. The chain is unbroken throughout the ritual, signifying the strength of our Collective Will and the power of our DNA.

The Procession now begins to move.


After leaving the castle yard and winding through Dragon Isle, the Chain enters Woodhenge.

Inside the henge, a Kreis Labyrinth is created. This style of labyrinth is composed of 15 (3 x 5) “Schlangenwegen” (snake paths). Among the unique features of this design is a separate entrance and exit – thus enabling the Guide of Souls to lead the Chain in a continuous and fluid motion to, through, and outside the labyrinth.

At the entrance to the spiral is a Taurian Minotaur. The Minotaur beats a sacred gong. As the Chain twines the path, the gong resonates with the energy of the TA (as in Ta-urus and Mino-Ta-ur). All of which point to the link between the head & horns of the bull and the uterus & fallopian tubes (phonetically: u-Ta-rus).

The purpose of the labyrinth is to loosen the fetters imposed on the right brain. Through our chanting, the sound of the gong and the folds of the twisting labyrinth, the left brain is silenced and the right brain set free.

The pulse of the gong is met by answering gongs further down the path. These resonant frequencies are designed to stimulate and activate the frequencies of the Chain.

Loom of Fate

After leaving the Labyrinth, the Chain enters the Loom of Fate located at the sweat lodge site. Here a great web is created both on the ground and above in the trees, signifying “as above, so below,” i.e., the template manifests the essence on all levels.

Here the Chain meets Ariadne. Ariadne sits at her web, her loom of super strings, weaving a new destiny. She hums as she spins. Three Fates sit opposite her. They wear black and are draped in black, signifying the often unseen and seemingly blind nature of Fate. They sit on tall stools, draped in black, signifying the elevated nature of this fate. Separately they say:

Fate One: “Even now, a new fate is woven.”
Fate Two: “She weaves a new destiny.”
Fate Three: Chants: “Emen-raein Hee-bu”
Translation: The flight pattern of stars, as they flow together through time, is fixed in a moment.

After each pronouncement by the Fates, a gong is sounded.

Stream of Time

As the Chain leaves the Loom of Fate, it continues down the path where the Stream of Time flows by on the left. Seated on the far bank are six Sirens. The sirens are half-human-half-owl. They represent the ancient Bird-Serpent people who are considered to be our ancestors. Their cries foreshadow the Andromeda Spiral. They wear feathers and dress in white with bird features painted on their faces. They call out in the Language of the Birds. Sometimes they shriek and whistle like owls; sometimes they speak in their ancient tongue.

Siren One: “Yonmos Dumae; Shi.”
Translation: As all approach, we ascend to a high place.
Siren Two: “Eten-mo-os, Heh-bu San-tilmo.”
Translation: At this moment, we become one with ancient customs.
Siren Three: “Ela-lama Sama Anweim.”
Translation: A thing of great beauty, to which we belong, binds us.
Siren Four: “Yon-yon Eloeim, Ana Ou-ou, Sa.”
Translation: Our ancestors, the Bird-Serpent-People, prepare a sacred place of gestation.
Siren Five: “Luminos-ya Yo-yo Anw.”
Translation: Through the pulse, we bring down and bind the spark from heaven.
Siren Six: Nulu-anu Anya Mo-ir Latun
Translation: For the goddess, we build a temple in cloudland using currents from the cosmic sea.

As the Chain passes along the banks of the Stream of Time, the Bird Goddesses call out to it. Their fierce calls are designed to further bind the links in the Chain.
Now the Chain arrives at the bridge.

Bridge of Light

The Bridge of Light crosses the Stream of Time. On the bridge, scores of candles are lighted. The crossing of the stream represents consciousness traveling across sub-consciousness; stability crossing chaos; and enlightenment lifting us from despair.

Field of Jewels

The Chain now turns toward Jewels Field. In the center is an unlighted bonfire. Around the bonfire are six equidistant points. Points One, Three and Five compose the “Triangle of Fire.” Points Two, Four and Six compose the “Triangle of Air.” The Points of Air are made up of Air Dancers. The Points of Fire are made up of Fire Dancers. Each Fire Dancer wears red or orange and performs with fire. They reflect the stellar configuration. Each Air Dancer lifts a silk veil, dancing like a leaf blowing in the autumn wind.

The Triangle of Fire is composed of three Fire Signs:

1st Fire Dancer is the Moon in Aries
He represents emotion and intuition magnified by blazing energy. The House of the Repository of the Soul (the moon) is rekindled, like the Phoenix, in dynamic Arian flames.

2nd Fire Dancer is Jupiter in Leo
He represents expansion amplified in the most expansive of all fire signs. As the Father Protector, he roars a signal that our sacred space is being created under his guardianship.

3rd Fire Dancer is Pluto & the South Node in Sagittarius
He represents our darkest depths, as well as our fleeting shadows, brought out in a direct and open manner to the heights. Hidden agendas are revealed; deep issues surface.

To complete the six-pointed configuration, there are three Signs of Air:

1st Air Dancer is the North Node in Gemini
She represents the direction, also known as the Head of the Dragon, which the energy of the configuration is going. The dragon is moving into the Twins.

2nd Air Dancer is Neptune in Aquarius
She represents emotions welling up from the inner depths for the greater good of humanity and she does it in a totally new and unique way never before considered.

3rd Air Dancer is Mercury in Libra
She represents the potential for communication to be fair and balanced, and for messages from the heights to be made equal for all.

The Chain slowly circles each of the points, creating an Andromeda Spiral.

Acoustic musicians play in the vicinity.

Circling the bonfire is a Particle, Anti-particle Pair. They represent the descent into the subatomic level. Each chants, moving slowly so that the realignment of the new resonance can occur.

Particle: “Rhum-rhum”
Translation: Call to action. (Meaning: a singular event: Time)
Anti-Particle: “Rama-ranran”
Translation: Do it all at once. (Meaning: a universal event: Timelessness)

The third element circling the bonfire is the Ta Intoner who chants the vibrational resonance into the bonfire from the star’s center.

Ta Intoner: “Ste(ay)la-luma Chim.”
Translation: Once upon a time, I say.
“Da-tu Ga-ga.”
Translation: Come my young ones.
“E-tra Trontalamos.”
Translation: I call you to a high place.
“El y El, Elvaemos, H’eim-bu Sha-sha-shi.”
Translation: As star upon star, the Pattern-Makers, string together moments, a bridge forms.
“Sol’wynmeiremos El, Loblob.”
Translation: Sailing star vessels across vast cosmic oceans, tides re-balance.
“G’elmo Eeiny-mo Eten-mo-os.”
Translation: While incubating the lingering traditions important to the heart, the tiniest particle is not forgotten.
“Demae G’elmo. Demae Ta’l. Demae Lak-mu.”
Translation: The time has come. Time to think. Time to be. Time to travel through the sun.
“Aiynor Sh’ing Shim-shim Eten-mo Luk-mos Ha Zing-zing.”
Translation: Thus uplifted, like a veil at vespers, we ascend to the throne.
“Olamos Sacre Da-hn, Ta’eim.”
Translation: Daughters of the unutterable dawn, all of time has come.
“Ste(ay)la-luma Luk-mos.”
Translation: Go now to the Place between the Worlds.
Translation: You will be restored.
“Sa! Sa! Sa!”
Translation: Truth, truth, truth.

As the drumming reaches climax, all take up the cry: Sa! Sa! Sa! The Torch Bearer lights the fire from the four directions. When the blaze lifts, the DNA Chain takes seeds from the brass urn and tosses the seeds into the fire. The seeds are the focal point of generation as an old age passes and a new one begins.

And what, ultimately, is our goal? To hearken at a moment of transition as we quicken between the subatomic level and the galactic core, and thereby weave a new destiny into the very fabric of life.

With these seeds, go our hopes.

(This ritual celebration was performed over the night of September 22/23 2002 at Cerren Ered, a magickal enclave hidden away in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. For more on the ritual experience, see