Original Proposal for the 1996 Ophanic Working in Sedona

©1998 Vincent Bridges

ENOCHIAN PHYSICS: OPHANIC LANGUAGE (July 25, 1996 Correspondence from Dan Winter)
Notes from Vincent to Dan for his Enochian Info Tape
Enochian Ritual Notes I
Enochian Ritual Notes II

(July 25, 1996 Correspondence from Dan Winter)
“Lest we be a burden to our guardian angels when we die…” sentiment from a famous religious philosopher named Gillette
The converging myths of world traditions about the shape of spiritual hierarchy struck to the heart again today. An amazing tribal shaman called twice from South Australia today. We spent over an hour on the phone. He was quite emphatic that the Ophanim we have been “opening our phone line” here to, are quite literally also the great winged guides of the ancient Australian aboriginals. We spoke at length about the great bird shaped angelic body associated with Illuru (Ayer’s Rock), and he identified the same winged angelic body coming to incarnate with the Dove shape over North America as depicted in Keys of Enoch.
I began to think about all the years we spent preparing ritual to inhabit the body parts of the great Eagle in the shape of the head of the Appalachin mountains in Pennsylvania, the “Keystone” State.
Then I remembered Robert MorningSky describing in detail the difference between the great Angelic “Aku” vs “Dracu” forces in spiritual history. The Aku translate to “bird tribe, ” Ophanim”, a lineage focused on the use of spiritual power of the mind and visualization. The Ophanim appear to be the inspirers of the great body of the bird shape in the Templar Cathedra Zodiac landscape. The Aperture from Sirius to Orion in the transmigration of souls, being again the magnetic issue.
The Dracu translate to Draconian, Reptilian, Setian, forces focused on technological and mechanical evolution, generally associated with control by fear and agression.
In the Gnosis article about John Dee booby trapping the future, the message is indeed that the planting of the Ophanim inspired Enochian letters was leverage to avoid apocalyse. If we translate Apocalyse at one level as an Epoch of the Ellipse as Jay suggests, then Enochian calls become leverage to face the Draconian/Reptilian presence on the Ellipse of Hale Bopp. (The Fourth HorseMan??).
All of this sounds too simplistic at first, but after Vincent and I completed the enclosed 2 hour video on Enochian Physics, we went outside to perform the symmetry operations of ritual to shape Enochian Temple. The presence was powerful, the Thoth/Tehuti energy seemed very present. Later a storm came up and the clouds made a dramtic Vpointing right to the site of the ritual. We issued a call to those who could hold the space and call forth the Angels with us, and next day out of the blue the Aboriginal leader calls from South Australia, heard of me, and describes the Ophanim quite explicitly as his guides.
The politics as described by Morningsky, were of an alliance between a more rebellious Sirian Prince geneticist and the Aku- Bird Tribes. The undertow was of a seed to a genepool which could link theheavy emotions and passion of the Reptilian/Draconian, with the high spiritual intention of the Bird Tribes. The result could be a species able to use powerful Serpent Force emotions, in the service of Angelic creation directly. Up to this point, in a sense, we have high spiritual beings, with limited leverage into matter. The human experiment created the possibility of human nervous sytems and emotions, with feeling bodies capable of bending galaxies.
Interestingly, when John McGovern, our Australian shamnic friend, told the Aboriginals he was going to call down the Angelic forces, they responded with fear at the anger the Angelics would have.
They believed there would be retribution for not have kept the strict martital breeding laws of the ancient angelic ones. This rang a chord from the Morningsky description of the origins of our sex guilt coming from the early DNA experiments which required strict attention to which breeding pairs were permitted to mate, to preserve the most self-aware self-replicating forces in the genepool. Mating decisions were sacred, and required elaborate rubrics for permission. This is still true of Aboriginals today.
Vincent described the attempt of the Shadow government to re-incarnate/ contact the forces of Set. You described the danger of the incarnation of Ahrimann. The parallels are too dramatic to ignore. The terms Draconian, Typhon, Reptilian, Sauroid, Set, Ahrimanic etc.. seem rather interchangeable.
Angelic communication apparently has the pure principle of symmetry operations based on recursion. This would be our way of embedding our lives inside their waveform. According to Vincent, the Ophanim need to know that we have attempted to speak their language. The symbol set they have given us is the Enochian keys. The wave guide shapes of the Enochian alphabet are reminiscent of the black hole geometries which Bentov saw as the cookie cutters aligning the eddies within which galaxies were created (in his Cosmic Book). Their name and shape and waveguide in principle were all one.
The heart of the Enochian script seems to be this pent (5) inside a 7 spin. This is clearly the 5 cube hypercube in the seven spin tetra inside icosa. The five spin space of the Hypercube/dodeca nests in the seven spin of the Heart muscle, based on the 7 spins of the tetra, note parallel to Enochian:
This is much more fractal than the cubeocta (unpacked tetra) geometric root of the Hebrew symbols. Clearly, the Iburu script for gene spicing the the Hebrew was a more regional and parcochial kind of symmetry set.
John Dee could not or would not shake our world by practicing the Enochian he was taught. Apocalyse awaited. Now with Apocalyse apparently here, the time for “calling all angels” may well be at hand.
Lo it is Phi.
Daniel Winter,
(A Phi Ray of Time)
Where there is flame, waves have agreed.
The real insight of Maya, is spiral recursion in time or spin measure.
Doorway to implosion, the ultimate connectivity device..
EKG Spectrum Analysis Shows Onset Fractal Recursion of Harmonics at The Moment of Compassion/Love. Fractal Attractive Embeddedness bends light, creates gravity, dilates time. PHI Based Recursive Braidedness which measureably increases in DNA in the presence of coherent EKG, launches wave lengths and velocities by PHI heterodyne thru light and time barriers.
This soul wormhole connection based on love is the only surviving memory as this galactic sector passes thru nexus/black hole event horizon, which is why ET’s want our DNA.

Enochian Tape Information Notes from Vincent:
Dear Dan,
OK, several points to begin with:
A) We do not have enough information to speculate accurately on the system of origin of any of the Ahau rescue team. We are told in Egyptian sources that the 4 million plus Ahau, or spiritual beings, came from a large number of different worlds. On the wall of the transverse vault of the Osirieon, and in the 146th chapter of the Book of the Dead, the worlds then a part of the sentient or Osirian federation are listed along with the Osiris of each system. If we follow Hurtak’s information and think of Arcturus as a transit link, then in a sense the rescue team comes from, or through, Arcturus. Playing guessing games about which aliens are from where, and what political leanings they might have, is a distraction from what should be our main purpose. We must develop, individually and as a species, the galactic norm of sentience. Only with that accomplished will we be able to resist any outside influence, good or bad. The Ahau are not interested in fear trips; they only respond to the solid attainment of a stable sentient structure of ecstatic self-awareness.
B) Hebrew is vitally important. As Hurtak says, it is the local control language for this part of the galaxy. On earth, its symmetry set defines the nature of sacred language by generating a cohesive matrix in which the other horizontal and vertical sacred languages can operate. Its unfolding in the form of a cube-octahedron suggests its planetary nature, and which allows it to phase-lock with higher organizational patterns. The cube seems to be the basic form in which Hebrew unpacks its space/time locality. As such, it appears to be a 3D construct. In the Sepher Yetsirah and other sources we are told that the Tree of Life is actually a 5D construct. The dimensions are listed as 3 of space, one of time and one of morality, or centropy and entropy. Hypercubal geometry, that is a geometry of higher dimensional organization, is the very root of the Enochian system. The shadow of a 5D cube in 2 dimensions creates a design that embodies the union of pent and hex while organizing the Tree of Life into its “seed” or closest packing form. The Enochian or Angelic material can not be accessed directly. A channel must be formed of Hebrew resonances in order to open the Enochian itself. The Hebrew forms a link between our consciousness and the non-local consciousness of the angelic logoi; without it the Enochian would simply blow us away.
C) The nature of the Enochian intelligences is an important question. They are, at the most inclusive level, the seven symmetry angles, or angels, of the tetrahedronal quark from which the universe around us is formed. Along with these are the four sub-atomic fields of operation, which we call for convenience the elemental forces. These “beings” are far beyond our comprehension, as pure being. We grip them by their “names” or descriptive titles. Enochian not only supplies powerfully descriptive “names,” it supplies a framework through which their operation in the lower worlds, the worlds below the realm of pure being, can be charted. These charts, or hardware chips, are the Four Watchtowers and the Tablet of Union. In these matrices, the forces are personalized and symbolizes so that an operator can steer their consciousness, much like the help balloons or other icons help us navigate our computer systems. These “beings” are what the Tibetans call self-generated, that is they function and exist separate from the individual but they are activated, or animated, only when another mind is present. The deities said to reside the Kalichakra mandala are similar types of self-generated beings. In fact, there are many connnections between the Enochian system and the Kalichakra. (Another book I have planned someday!)
D) In working with the Enochian system for over twenty years, (Yipes! Has it been that long!) I have discovery an important truth. The system itself is as neutral as the electric wiring in our homes. It can be used in both good and bad ways, but the sysytem itself is neither. Enochian opens levels of communication and synchronicty in the same way that the lights come on when I hit the switch, if the components are properly wired together. However, if I am going to design an electric motor, for instance, then I need to understand the theory and equations behind electricty. With the Enochian, we are designing a new type of magickal appliance. It could be one to bring on the Apocalypse, or it could be one to respond directly to the rescue team and avoid the Apocalypse. That choice is ours; and how good we do with the design will determine how, and perhaps if, we survive.
E) The purpose of our Enochian based magickal appliance would be to make contact with the galactic intelligences in charge of the humanity rescue operation. A properly designed appliance would be a matter/energy transmitter/receiver capable of packing and unpacking tremendously coherent bundles of information. This seems to have been the reason why the Enochian material was so thoroughly downloaded, and yet proscribed from actual operations until the timing was right. The material had to filter through enough users to reach a saturation level. This occurred in the mid 1890’s, concurrent with the great airship flaps. For the last hundred years, work on the system has progressed to the point that just now, in the last five years, have isolated groups of magical explorers stumbled on its true value. At the moment, we are at the front of the pack. Because of this, it may be our responsibilty to do something concrete with the system.
F) In learning the basics of how to operate the Enochian system, the participant absorbs and internalizes the Hebrew resonances from the Meta-Progamming Protocol. This, all by itself, is a vast step toward a stable sentience. The abilty to move the subtle elemental forces down the level of densely braided DNA creates a degree of body/mind/spirit coherence that is required for free-will and self-determination. The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram and the Enochian opening of the Veil generates a highly usable flow of spiritual energy, which is in turn shaped into the basic dodeca pattern required to support the Enochian operating system. As Hebrew is cube oriented, and therefore hex based, Enochian is dodeca based and consequently inclusive of both hex and pent. Just learning the basics, how to hit the light switch so to speak, generates psychic stability. Done properly, this level of training insures against mis-use of the greater forces in the Enochian system.
G) As for the planned working, I have been instructed recently that we have some leeway on when, where and what. Here’s what I’ve been told:
1) The area where we have no slack is who. We must have at least 5 people, 3 of whom must be at an Adept level, that is they must have the basics down cold and have taken their Oath of Obligation, or a similar bodhisatvic vow, to work for the good of all sentient beings throughout the universe. Beyond this, we are limited only by the level of understanding each individual brings to the work. No disinterested observers in other words; everybody works on this one.
2) When is flexible depending on how the group shapes up. Where is anywhere we can find a geomantic plug-in point. Sedona is listed as optimum, along with Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rogers, Sakkara, Swayambunath in Nepal, Samye Monastery in Tibet, and Hawaii. These seven plug-in points are listed as the best, but I was told that thousands of other sites would work, if everything else was up to speed.
3) What we are to do is both simple and exceedingly complex. Another book seems necessary to cover this one, but I’ll try to be brief. We have the Egyptian Orb of Ra and its activation module as the center piece of the working. On the grid of the module is the Sigil of Truth. The group generates a full-stack hypercube fully tensioned in all five dimensions and 26 sub-sets. From this metaxic monad, we then build the Watchtower structure through vibratory and visualization experience, and then activate it through the first 18 calls. Then, we generate the Aethers, or thirty edges and faces of our icosa/dodeca hologramic simulation of reality. We crystalize this hologram by focusing on the silent Tablet of Nalvage which controls the 49th Call. We focus at that point on receiving the influx of information and dialing up the rescue team. I am told that if we get this far, guidance will be given in a clear and unmistakable form. We will also be instructed on how maintain the contact and teach others quickly how to reach the same point.
OK, that’s my input/explanation. My feeling is that we are so close that the Ophanim, etc., are holding their breath. We just might get this figured out before everything blows up. Conversely, you can figure that the other side, the Setian forces, know as much as we do and are counting on our inability to get it together in time. They of course are shocked that we would even try it, much less that we have the ability to pull it off. Secrecy is not so important as clarity of purpose and focusing on the essentials. They can’t do what we are planning, they can only impede us. From this perspective, the fear angle is useless. We should be afraid only of not getting it done if we know how important it might be.
Use any and all of this you like as an introduction to the Enochian Info tape. Let me know what you think.
Light in Extension,

Enochian Ritual Notes I
Proposal for Enochian Communication Working
A) Preparations
1) Organize material and notes
2) Create correct tablets
3) Design meditations and visualizations
4) Outline simple group-mind training
5) Write draft of ritual
B) Personnel
1) Pure Intent versus Adeptship — Pure intent is helpful, but the specific initiations of the outer GD order are designed to create a physical phase-lock between the individual and the Hebrew/Enochian structure. To work this properly, that is safely and effectively, we need a minimum core of three Adepti who have undergone the process in one form or another. Beyond this, pure intent and as much clear information as the individual can grok are the basic requirements. We can work with a mixed group of Adepti and PIs, as long we have the minimum number to interact with the structure.
2) Training the Group — The nature of the training can be broken down into three levels: Adepti/Operators, PI/Supporters and general group mind. A consenus level of basic information and goals needs to be generated so that everyone is clear on the nature and purpose of the work.
a) Adepti/Operators — Must understand the geometry and symmetry set origin of, and be able to work, the basic full-stack ritual components: Meta-Programming Protocol, Elemental Hex, SRP, Macro-hex, LVX and Veil Opening. Must be able to open the Sigil of Truth; visualize in correct 3D and actualize the Elemental Tablets and the Tablet of Union; perform the Keys of Opening; and mentally perform the operations of the 49th Key.
b) PI/Supporters — Must understand the geometry, scope and purpose of the experiment; and be able to work the Meta-Programming Protocol. Also, an awareness of the nature of the work being done by the Adepti is required. Should be grounded in basic group-mind and information testing, psychic self-defense and simple mind/body integration techniques.
c) General Group Mind Training — As a whole, the exploration team needs to focus primarily on group-mind development. The synergy of diverse minds focusing on the sound/light/thought/symbol wave guides of the Enochian system is the very mechanism that allows these animated holograms to interact. We must learn interactive “substance-of-we-feeling.” This is a more difficult trick than learning all the magickal operations. On this level, everyone starts at the begining and we all learn together.
C) Location and Logistics
1) Sedona seems the most logical choice for many reasons. Within the Sedona area, Bell Rock Mt. appears the most appropriate. Given the work done there in 1989, seven years ago, the location would seem to be primed and ready to go.
2) Getting the team to Sedona and having the time necessary to train is the most important consideration. Preparation for the working, in terms of preparing notes, charts, etc. is a full time job for the next month. We should also consider documenting the experiment — video, audio, whatever — particularly during the operation itself.
D) Purpose of the Working — If we look at the current condition of the collective unconscious, we find that the apocalypse is already in progress. This is a natural by-product of the End of Time, Kali Yuga, Hell Age spiritual paradigm that we are undergoing. Apocalyptic revelations are a recurring theme in human mythology. However, they have seldom been as universal and compelling as they are at the present. If we see this merely as an artifact of the electronic media, we miss a large piece of the puzzle: we created the electronic mass media because the paradigm required a global consciousness. Four hundred years, almost to the day, after the last Enochian transmission to Dee and Kelly, I vibrated all 48 keys in the proper elemental order at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. That night, a group of 120 people “anchored the Blue Light” on Bell Rock. I performed the main ritual and included the proper Enochian elemental names. There was indeed a massive influx of energy; and just coincidentally the fall of the Berlin Wall and communism in Eastern Europe happened that week. Now, seven years after that, and one hundred years after the Golden Dawn received the last of its Enochian information, we are setting out on the next logical step.
By properly formulating the Enochian Temples of the Elemental Tablets, energizing them with the Sigil of Truth and the Orb module, and then actualizing them with the Elemental Keys, we create the psychic hardware of a vast, non-local computer system. The Aethyric Keys operate as software, booting up the assembled components. The Governors and The Good Angels are programs that can run on the system. Following this metaphor, the purpose of this working is to construct this inclusive spiritual computer then called up Evolution Central and ask for further instructions.
In a sense, this is both the Apocalypse and the antithesis of the Apocalypse. The most important consideration, from our point of view, is the clarity of our understanding and the purity of our intent. Once the system comes on-line, it is our values that will color the reception. The less noise we create, the more information we can receive.

Enochian Ritual Notes II
Suggested Order of Service for Ophanim Communication Ritual
I) Energizing the Metaxic Monad – The Full Stack
A) Opening – No-Form, breathing, OMs
B) Meta-Programing Protocol – Spherical Hypercube, Cross of the Elements, Opening the Centers, Caduceus.
C) Elemental Hexagrams – Banishing first if physical energy is murky, otherwise Invoking in Macro-Cosmic order.
D) Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram – Spins Hypercube into dodecahedron and begins interface with Ophanic.
E) LVX & Rending the Veil – From last point of SRP, do left- hand LVX to generate energy. Then Rend Veil with abbreviated 1st Key in Ophanic. Follow with right-hand LVX and exortation.
F) Macro-Wormholes – Opening the six directions of space with IAO solar hexagram.

II) Building & Activating the Hardware – The Holy Table, The Ring and Lamen, the Module nd the Orb
A) Holy Table – Activating the Table

1) Place table on four Sigils of Truth
2) Cover with red cloth containing gold Ophanic letters
3) Activate outer edge by vibrating sequence for each edge, then collapsing with a Ba into a line.
4) Activate inner pattern by drawing over and vibrating the symmetry names on center grid.
5) Evoke Olympic/Planetary beings with seven talismans, then place them on Table.
6) Dedicate Holy Table to work.

B) Ring And Lamen – Place on Table and invoke energy for their operation from Holy Table. Put them on.
C) Module & Sigil of Truth – Base plate first, on Table in center, then Sigil. Leave off pyramid until Sigil is charged.

1) Charge Sigil with Watchmen Names and Seven Planetary Spirit Names.
2) Vibrate Archangelic and Angelic names.
3) Dedicate the Sigil to the Work

D) Pyramid & Eye of RA – Place pyramid on base and insert Eye of RA Orb. Open white-hole and LVX down energy to activate hardware system.

III) Visualizing and Activating the Psychic Structure – The Elemental Tablets and the Tablet of Union
A) Open space for the Watchtowers with Lightning Flash invocation pattern.
B) Return to starting point; visualize and vibrate names to activate Watchtowers in the following order:

1) 3, 4, 5, letter Divine names, see as quarter of Zodiac.
2) 8 letter solar name, see as phi spiraling globe of light far above head.
3) 7 letter Senior names, six in all. See as rays descending from central globe, in order, to form a hexagram at circumference.
4) Begin sub-quarters in the same lightning flash order. Within each sub-quarter:

a) kerubic pillar from names above cross.
b) Cross, vibrated down and then across, forms support beam overhead.
c) Servient squares angles form the floor.

C) Continue through Tablets, in lightning flash order, constructing Temples in the same manner.
D) Visualize Temples/Tablets as ONE hypercube enclosed by a dodecahedron formed of the twelve gates created from the Zodiacal arrangement of the 3, 4, 5 letter Divine Names.
E) Visualize an icosahedron around both the dodecahedron and the hypercube. This icosahedron merges with the other structures as the Tablet of Union names are vibrated.
F) Visualize the Elemental Tablets on the surface of the Earth.

IV) Installing the Software – The Ophanic Calls or Keys
A) Elemental Calls – The 1st & 2nd Calls are vibrated, then 3rd through 18th in the elemental invoking order. As Call is vibrated, group focuses on appropriate Tablet or quarter.
B) The Calls of the Aethyrs – The same Call is repeated 30 times, with the change each time of the 3 letter name of the Aethyr. This is done slowly, letting each Aethyr develop before going on to the next. Visualize as rings or concentric circles or the edges of both the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.
C) The 49th Call of Silence – The Call is repeated silently, with the 4 letter name off the Sigil of Truth. The group maintains focus by silently vibrating the 4 letter name. See the telepathic sound opening up the space from atmosphere to orbit of Moon.

V) Going On-Line to Galactic Central – The Round Tablet of Nalvage
A) Invoke and activate Round Tablet:

1) Invocation of Divine Forces, the Trinity of the Tablet.
2) Vibrate Theophantic forces of Tablet.
3) See as 24-cell 4D figure.

B) Unfold 24-cell 4D figure into orbit of Moon, including earth at center of pattern.

VI) Calling Galactic Central – Invoking the Ophanim
A) The Invocation, in Ophanic, done as a group.
B) Individual Invocations, holding the channel open.
C) Repeat until response.

VII) Downloading the Response
A) Record all observations/receptions. Everyone can contribute.
B) Rising in East:

1) Orion/Osiris – 12:00 am
2) Sirius/Isis & Nephthys – 1:30 am
3) Mars/Horus – 2:00 am
4) Venus/Hathor – 3:00 am
5) Regulus/Ra-Harakte – 4:00 am
6) Mercury/Tehuti – 6:00 am
7) The Sun/Ra – 6:30 am

C) Note shift of energy as each rises. Note Draco low in the north at Dawn.
D) Close and banish at Dawn.

Enochian Scheduling Notes
Working scheduled for week of September 23 – 28
A) Arriving 23rd – 24th
B) Learning and Building Group Mind 24th, 25th, 26th
C) Beginning of ritual – Sundown 9/26
Full Moon rising in the east, eclipsed and conjunct Saturn, at sunset. This should begin our quiet and preparatory period. From this moonrise to the next moonrise should be fast and focus. Perhaps even maintaining a vigil on Bell Rock?
D) Ritual – moonrise on 27th to moonset on 28th
Sunset – Moon rising in the east with Saturn.
Midnight – Orion rising in the East, or Osiris enthroned in the Duat. Open heaven above, only faint galaxies of Andromeda cluster.
Sunrise – Draco low in the north. Sirius, Mars, Venus, Regulus and Mercury proceeding Sun.
E) This is also the sabbath and the traditional seventh night of Succoth, or the Feast of Tabernacles, when the heavens were said to be open; known as the Night of the Great Help or Hope. Mayan date is 2 Wind guided by Dog, or communication guided by Sirius.

Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20030429113418/http://www.vincentbridges.com:80/ophanim/history.html