Apocalyptic Ophanic Working in Sedona, September 26-28, 1996

Purpose of the Working
The purpose of this working was three-fold:
1) To establish a communications link with the Ophanic Intelligences from whom Dr. Dee received the system,
2) to demonstrate thereby that the system, used as a unitary whole, worked, and
3) to jump-start the planetary magickal current. Our intent, as a group, was focused simply on doing the work; no expectations and no agendas. (The possible importance of the working did lurk around the edges of everyone’s consciousness, adding its own energy, but it was never a central consideration.)

Description of the Working
A) Location of Working
B) Participants in the Working –
C) Working Techniques and Technologies
D) Narrative Description of Working

A) Location of Working – Sedona, Arizona, has long had a reputation for unusual spiritual energy. The Yavapai Apaches, the historical inhabitants of the region, believed the Red Rock country was holy ground where the spirits of ancestors and elementals walked among mankind. Cliff ruins and petroglyphs in Boynton Canyon indicate that the valley was known to the Anastazi. Only in the last twenty years have the Hopi stopped making pilgrimages to Cathedral Rock and Schnebly Hill. Named after the wife of the first white settler, Mr Schnebly, Sedona was a small tourist town off the beaten path until the mid-seventies when it was discovered by the New Age. Into the eighties it retained its small town charm, but the ninties brought the New Age into the mainstream.
Sedona has become the metaphysical nexus of a whole planet-wide resurgance in strangeness. It is the New Age Disneyland of karmic consumerism. Three groups a week, on average, arrive to save the world, raise the planetary vibration or contact the secret masters. They are drawn to the region, essentially and energetically, by the unusual collection of telluric vortex activity. A bio-regional ley line runs from the San Francisco Mountains down through the deep gorge of Oak Creek Canyon. This acts a lens, focusing the flow of energy as it emerges from the canyon. The flow passes through Schnebly Hill, focusing even finer on Bell Rock. This formation is an unusual bell shaped spire formed over a large piece of volcanic quartz. It stands next to a large block of red sandstone known as Courthouse Butte which reputedly has a human face for its top horizon. This Butte anchors another local line that runs through Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, the Cockscomb and the upper end of Boynton Canyon. The refracted energy from Schnebly Hill at the mouth of the Canyon creates more patterns which intersect and interact with the major local lines. The area acts as a sort of telluric pinball machine or particle accelerator. Bell Rock has long had the reputation of being an interdimensional contact point.
In a geomantic sense, it is the most important of all the energy structures in the valley. The intersection of the two lines creates a vortex-like spin; the two distinct flows of energy then braid together in the shape of Bell Rock itself, becoming, simply, a crystal driven transmission point radiating helically in golden mean ratios toward a point of infinte density/velocity just above the peak of Bell Rock. It is literally the “Eye of the Eagle,” even the “Eye of Ra.” In terms of geology and geomancy, it is perhaps unique on the planet. The group received information that listed Bell Rock as one of seven possible locations on the planet. Sedona was chosen for a variety of conscious and unconscious reasons.
In 1989, The Order of Melchizedek did a large-scale working designed to anchor the “blue light” into the planet. This was prefaced by a private working in which the Enochian calls were done in the proper activating order. The vibrated tablets and Aethyrs were left in place, along with the “blue light” anchor. Seven years later, in 1996, the energy had reached the point where it was ready to be used. An unconscious consideration involved the New Age community which served in a way as a battery for the working. The New Agers added their energy to the process and were effected by it. Perhaps this was a component fortuitously added by a Higher Power. For whatever reason, the working required a large and tightly braided flow of telluric energy, as well as a large body of receptive psyches.

B) Participants in the Working – There were five major participants in the working, and several others who took part in various ways. The major participants included; author, computer animator and scientist, DW; business consultant, KW; mathematician, SM; historian and researcher, VB; and sacred artist, D. Astronomer and cosmic-astrologer NF played a major role by defining the proper cosmic alignments and timetables. Among this core group, SM, VB and D had the most magickal experience. DW focused mainly on theory and general tone; KW comes from an eastern perspective, Shiva devotee and Tattva specialist. The diversity of the group allowed a broad perception of the working to develop. Among the five, there were three priests of Melchizedek, from the order that did the working seven years ago; a Wiccan High Priestess; three initiates of the Golden Dawn tradition; a student of Gurdjeff, a follower of Shiva; three sufi initiates of the Luxor Brotherhood; a Sekhmet priestess; three followers of an eclectic Tibetan Buddhist path; and so on. This balance of traditions and perspectives forced an open and non-dogmatic view of the operation.

C) Working Techniques and Technologies – Our basic working premise, that the Enochian material of Dr Dee relates as a unitary whole to the language of stargate creation, required a magickal protocol that supplied the necessary vibrations and geometric visualizations to support the Ophanic, Enochian, super-structure. In other words, the operation would not be successful without a magickal base built of densly resonant symbolic images. Sacred geometry gives us the basic concepts, and modern theoretical physics and higher dimensional mathematics shapes the form.
The basic form, the meta-programming protocol, is a way of building a stable fourth dimension visualization, the hyper-cube, as well as a way of coding and recoding DNA with spiritual information/energy/light. This process is “fixed” or hexed into reality by the yantric forms of the elemental hexagrams vibrated with a Hebrew code for the Unified Field. The cube/hyper-cube is now stable, but lacks spin or motion, that is energy moving through the dimensional medium.
This is provided by the Spirit Invoking Ritual of the the Pentagram, which builds on the four pentagonal faces created by the meta-programming protocol to define a dodecahedron. The Spirit Dodeca is spun by the LVX. Into this spinning shape, the Rending of the Veil pours blue white light, which is shaped by another LVX into a clear but almost palpable crystal fluid. This fluid is then projected by the Macro-Wormholes onto a rhombic dodecahedron, defined by center point connections of a seven-cube cross, which is the unfoldment of the hyper-cube into three dimensions. This crystallization of the astral linkage between 3D and 4D becomes the magickal operating platform on which the Ophanic system inter-locks.
The physical components, the Holy Table, the Lamen and Ring, the Module and Orb, and the seven seals, are designed to work together. There was an obvious coherence of intent and energy created by working with corrected Tablets and Seals. The physical nature or substance seems important to some tablets. For energetic work, the elemental tablets cry out for copper, while the Sigil of Truth does fine with artboard, paper and ink. The Tablet of Nalvage, it seems, must be a lens of crystal or glass. The Holy Table, and thereby the Ring, Lamen and Sigil of Truth, must be constructed and activated inside the rhombic dodecahedron of the Macro-Wormholes. For this working, the activation of the Module and Orb was also included in the process. The Module and Orb created an up-link to the sixth and seventh seals, just as the Sigil of Truth self-references the first five Seals within the structure of the Holy Table, the Lamen and the Ring.
The structure of the Elemental tablets in three dimensions fill the six cubes of the unfolded Hyper-cube, which when folded back into the seventh, or central cube, becomes a hyper-cube inside a hyper-cube, or rather the first stage of that higher order implosion that moves the hyper-cube into a 24 cell 4D figure. The Calls create a hyper-card stack of holographically related energy signatures. The Aethyrs open the local space/time interphase points, which are then connected to the galactic grid by the name of the 93rd Governor and the geometry of the theophantic Tablet of Nalvage. The Tablet of Nalvage completes the higher dimensional unfoldment of the hyper-cube within a hyper-cube, forming a 24 cell 4D figure, the only higher dimensional solid that is self-organizing and self-referrencing. This geometric figure inter-locks with the whole structure of the working, which mirrors the grid of the planet, the pattern of creation for galactic sentience, our DNA, and so on.

D) Narrative Description of Working – Two participants, VB and D, drove to Sedona with a stop in Indian Springs, Nevada, for a Sekhmet empowerment. SM, KW and DW flew into Phoenix; everyone had arrived by the 26th. Early afternoon, the group gathered at Oak Creek below Cathedral Rock. NF joined in and VB and DW explained the nature of the working in some detail. The group then climbed up to a small local yang spot and practiced the basic magickal and ritual protocol. On the way down, an incredibly elven aroma stopped VB and SM in their tracks. No source could be found. It was agreed that the group, including NF, would meet at Bell Rock for the sunset and eclipsed moonrise. Bell Rock was crowded, but a nice series of ledges facing out toward Courthouse Butte worked perfectly. Everyone separated to do their own personal meditative work.
The eclipsed moon, with saturn in conjunction, rose up from Courthouse Butte, emphasising the karmic judgment quality of the aspect. Personal work seemed to be very deep and somewhat disturbing for everyone. When the group began to gather back together, a current of urgency, to either do something or leave the Rock, emerged. The group found itself scurrying around the Rock looking for ways down. There was a pull to stay; VB at one point felt such a distinct tug that it almost caused him to fall over backwards. On the lower slopes, the group split into two groups, DW, KW and NF left, but VB, SM and D remained just at the edge of the Rock’s field. It became apparent to all three that, as the moon emerged from the eclipse, the Rock began to shimmer and dance with energy.
It was decided that even though it was more or less public, Bell Rock was definitely the place energetically. The next day, the 27th, was spent relocating and finishing the Elemental Tablets. DW and KW moved the bulk of everyone’s gear over to Prescott, while SM, VB and D finished correcting and coloring the Elemental Tablets up in Indian Gardens, the major yin spot for the entire valley. At sunset, the group re-assembled at Bell Rock. A wide flat shelf was chosen a little lower down than the night before but still facing out on Courthouse Butte. NF did the alignments to the celestial and terrestrial poles and the group assembled an eight foot in diameter circle of small stones.
The major ritual components were divided among KW, SM, VB and D. KW did the opening pentagrams, VB led the rest of the meta-programming protocol. SM did the elemental hexagrams and D did the SIRP. VB led the LVX’s and the Rending of the Veil, and then opened the Macro-Wormholes. After a pause to let the energy settle into place, the physical components were assembled. (Everyone had their Lamen, and VB the Ring, before the ceremony began.) Four Sigils of Truth were place under the legs of the small oak table over which the cloth with the Holy Table pattern was draped.
The Holy Table was activated by a Ba/vibratory formula that included the sounding of the names or phrases around the edge of the design, followed by the names in the symmetry grid in the center of the design. To this was added the base of the Module, and then the Sigil of Truth, which was activated by vibrating the operative pentagonal archangelic names. The superstructure of the Module was added, and then the Orb or Eye of RA crystal was inserted in its cradle. (Note: Activating the Holy Table pattern also turned on the Lamen and Ring. VB noticed no trace of cold or chill, even though he was dressed in only his dayclothes with a thin robe over them.)
The Elemental Tablets were then placed as carpets, flat on the rock, in the four directions. They were invoked by vibration down to the angelic level, then visualized in 3D in their unfolded hyper-cubal order, which was imploded into the seventh cube, creating the hyper-cube within a hyper-cube, by the vibration of the Tablet of Union names, both elemental and spirit. The 17 calls which open the elemental archives and operating systems of the Tablets were vibrated in Enochian, and chanted in English, in the same order as the invocation of the Elemental Tablets.
Then the 2nd call which opens the aethyrs was vibrated, and the 30 aethyrs were opened in ascending order. This took what seemed like an incredibly long time, with several pauses. After this was finished, the group began the Call of Silence, the 49th Call, using the name of the 93rd Governor as the 31st Aethyr. While holding the telepathic flow in place with the hidden name, the Tablet of Nalvage was inserted into the Orb Module over the Sigil of Truth. The Theophantic triggers from the Tablet were vibrated into the telepathic channel, and the whole structure was visualized as a 24 cell 4D structure unfolding into the space between the earth’s surface and the orbit of the moon.
As the energy form stabilized, a sense of calmness and clarity descended over the mountain. Into this, the group prayed for help, hope and healing for the planet. The response was almost immediate; a wave of images and emotions swept over the group. (See the individual accounts for details.) As this period wound down, the group began to notice a growing coldness. More clothes were gathered, and then most of the group drifted off into deep astral space. Sometime after Orion rose over the Butte, the group awakened and decided that enough had been done. The group then closed the working, packed and left for Prescott.

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