The Resurgence of the Muse

A Rite of Awakening the Conscious Spirit
Of Creation in Humankind

The Rite of Resurgence

A soliloquy, given by the Masked One…

Tonight we have gathered before the Moon and Stars, underneath the blanket of the green woods, as one diverse family, as a liberated people moving in the rhythms of the creative fluid and motion of the universe. We have come from different lives and different places, to unify our hearts, mind and spirit. Upon this moonlight we shall fly, we shall sing, we shall dance, in the praise of our most divine aspirations. This night we shall walk from the dark shadow of winter into the fertile fields of summer. Now, the long night has passed and we once again have come out of our dreamy slumber to find wholeness within each other.

And as we have been grasping in the dark at shadows, we have seen the world changing. Very swiftly does this planet turn and tilt the balance of our existence. We all see the signs, through the wars, the plagues, the miseries of our fellow kindred. We all know that we stand between the turnings of the cycles, the procession of the ages, and that we live in the times between the times, and in a world in between worlds. We look forward to a new paradigm, a higher consciousness, a richer more fulfilling spiritual life.

However, there are forces in this world that wish us to not even exist, forces greater than any one of us, forces that do not want us to evolve, to grow, or to have our own spiritual sovereignty in this life. Do you wish to lay down to their will? Do you wish to allow them to control our lives? Our freedom and liberties are now at stake in this world’s sacred drama, and once again our sovereignty is being challenged. Do you wish to stand up and fight for our very survival? How will you do it? Will you also use fear to control? Or will you use love to set you free? The choice is yours, inner peace or annihilation.

I choose love, and peace. I choose the way of beauty and art; I choose to sing, to dance, to drum, to make music and love, to fill my spirit and soul with compassion, and to give it to the world. Would you also share of your heart?

I challenge you, you who are fighting for the spirit of the earth. I challenge you to open up your heart, open up your mind, to sing, to dance, and to evolve unto your highest desires.

Tonight we call upon each other to take hands and walk in unison, to leave behind your anger, your hatred, your insecurities, and your fear. And I charge you now to ignite your inner Muse and take flight upon the sacred.

Adoration of the Elemental Spirits

Behold! Spirit of the East! Spirit of Wind! I hold unto you this Offering of the labors of our works! Take this unto our spirits, take this unto our souls, we offer up to you our voice and our inspirations!

Ye who have the winds in your heart, by voice, by instruments, by the sweeping power of thy airy minds! Invoke the Winds of change!

Behold! Spirit of the South! Spirit of Fire! I hold unto you this Offering of the labors of our works! Take this unto our spirits, take this unto our souls, we offer up to you our desires and passion!

Ye who have a flame in your heart, by voice, by instruments, by the crackling power of thy fiery souls! Invoke the fire within!

Behold! Spirit of the West! Spirit of Water! I hold unto you this Offering of the labors of our works! Take this unto our spirits, take this unto our souls, we offer up to you our sweat and blood!

Ye who have divine blood in your heart, by voice, by instruments, by the rushing power of thy fluid souls! Invoke the waters of life within!

Behold! Spirit of the north! Spirit of the Earth! I hold unto you this Offering of the labors of our works! Take this unto our spirits, take this unto our souls, we offer up to you our skin and bone!

Ye who have divinity in your heart, by voice, by instruments, by the foundations of the green earth! Invoke the rhythmic quakings of life within!

The Call unto Spirit

Given by the masked one

Spirit on high, most holy and sacred creator, whom nature hath not formed,
the vast and the mighty, ruler of the Light and the Darkness, as we stand in between the worlds we call upon Thy sacred mysteries to be here revealed! So mote it be!

Invocation of Titania

Given unto the Queen of the Faye by the Lord of the Dance

Titania! Titania! Titania! I adore Thee! I pay Homage unto Thee Who art Queen of the Faye!!! I call Thee out from the shinning circle of stars, and up from the depths of the World Tree, I call you from the seed of the earth, and from the roots of all creation. Ye, who are the marvel of imagination, queen of infinite space, enchantress of the mighty forests, before who time and space are ashamed, and the mind bewildered, for not unto Thee might we attain, unless Thine image be of Love.

Therefore, unto Ye great Queen of Elphame I bow and I send this Kiss! Ye mighty Goddess of Ancient and Divine manifestation, help us to aspire unto our highest and most divine inspirations! Call out to your children, to the spirits of the wild night! Under which as Thy children we shall sing and dance with the rapture of Thy Love! Here in this perfect moment of bliss, in this perfect circle, take us out upon the sacred wings of the Procession. Entreat us with Thy glory and the mystery of Thy unfathomable Love and Glory!

Titania’s Promise of Procession

Given unto the people of the Earth by the Queen of the Faye

Unto Ye here her gathered in this sacred place, I present to you my heart of love and desire, my passion and nurturing womb. I who am the stars, moon, sun and the sweetness of the earth our little sister; beseech thee, I call upon thee to follow me, and to pass through the void, beyond this world’s veil, and walk unto the great Sabbat. To rise from thy slumber and walk through the mysts, to find the strength inside to open up your heart and be filled with song, to be filled with the dance, the rhythms of the universe itself!
Walk with me, first unto the Vibrations of mighty wooded minstrel, who plays for thee. Feel the whirling of spirit as the muse with in begins to rise! In your heart, in you mind take in this magickal vibration as a blessing from my inner most spirit, from the tongue that rejoiceth, and from the beating of the blood of your body.

And come with me upon a journey, out unto the shire, where beauty lies sleeping for us to awaken. So that through dance and song, we shall awaken the World Muse! In the name of our own continuity, for the sake of our survival in a World filled with lost souls, we shall stand not as one, but together, and as many! May we call out with strength and with passion for Peace! For love! And for our Freedom!

So take hands together, and follow us into the sacred hills……

The Gates unto summer

This is a scene, or truly it is the gateway and the passing through the gatekeepers. On the right side of the bridge, there shall be two gatekeepers smudging with white sage. In between these two there shall be a crystal bowl singing open the second Chakra.
On the left side there shall also be two gatekeepers smudging, and again in between them shall be a crystal singing bowl opening the third Chakra. After all have passed the gatekeepers shall fall into the procession as the tail of the dragon.

The muse in Darkness

This is a scene, an initiation of vibration through phi ratio. The scene is set in the sacred grove, where a minstrel sits playing a sacred harp in the center. Candles encircle him. And three goddess figures wearing white shall dance and chant in vibration. Around the perimeter in the quarters of the circle out in the dark woods shall be four crystal singing bowls playing out the four vibrations of the top Chakra’s. This will in turn create an inner and outer vibration for the priestess’ to work with as they spiritual commune this vibration unto the participants of the rite.

The muse in Light

Having traversed through the gates of spirit and through the veil of the higher vibration the sprit travelers then come to the great dragon. Around the dragon awaits five Muses covered in cloths. Titania and the Lord of the Dance shall spin to the center as the masked One lead the people in spiral around the dragon statue. Titania shall take to the west as the lord of the dance shall take to the east. The lord of the dance will then awaken those muses who are covered. He shall awaken them unto song and dance to invoke the spirit of the muse within all gathered.

The Fire Divine

When all have been filled with the spirit, and have had inspiration, so shall Titania Rise and take hands with the Lord of the Dance. Raising hands upon High they shall rally all to spiral out and spiral in to the bon fire. Together with the masked one and the Torch Bearers they shall light the fire as a symbol of the fire of life being reborn with new inspiration and as a phoenix rising.

It is Accomplished.

Originally performed in 2002.