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Interlude with Sally Hemings: Diary of a Spiritual Journey. The Healing Continues

©2000 Rebecca Joy Gabriel, with Vincent M. Bridges
Pfafftown, North Carolina: Free to Soar Enterprises

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Sally Hemings, the mistress/slave of America’s renowned third president, finally reveals her own personal account of life with Jefferson when her spirit visits with the author. She provides a private glimpse of Jefferson, the man; reveals her troublesome relationship with his daughters; and purges the corrosive pain of helotry as she raises our awareness that human bondage, in any form, damages the souls of all who are touched by it…no one escapes unscathed.

Sally shares with Rebecca on April 30, 1999: “Yous got that right. It ain’t for you to know what’s goin to help those that are different. We’s talking a history here that is scarred and full of lies. People need to start wantin the truth.”

This diary chronicles the healing of two souls whose energies were strongly interwoven with each other and that of Jefferson in their lifetime together at Monticello; whose choices and circumstances in that lifetime led to karma that needed resolution. The intricate method of resolution; the humanistic view of the paradoxical Jefferson and his slavery issues; the intimate glimpse of their famous love affair; Sally’s powerful personality and the mysterious, complex relationship with Rebecca creates an intriguing, dynamic reading experience that unfolds with surprises until the book’s final pages.

Vincent M. Bridges, an historian, researcher, and author, proffers: “The story of this unique spiritual encounter raises many questions…both about the nature of the afterlife and its reality and about what we think of as history.”

An Amazon reader of the first edition offered: …”Reading this book has helped me so much, it has given me a new perspective for looking at my own life.” John D. of Raleigh, NC said: “…I read it straight through and I feel it is going to take me a while to comprehend what I am feeling right now. It touched me deeply.”

Rebecca’s soul’s search for healing and balance continued after the original publication. She explains: “In August, 2002, I felt liberated and at peace with the Thomas Jefferson/ Sally Hemings healing experience. It was over, really over…forever!

However, I did not fully comprehend the magnitude of our soul’s search for wholeness and perfect balance; nor did I fully appreciate the mysterious means The Divine Creator employs to guide and direct us to that goal. On April 20, 2010, I was in Richmond, Virginia. It was quite late in the afternoon when a strong desire to visit Monticello was duly noted; a visit was not a possibility. Later, I remembered this urge with curiosity. After all this time, what else could there possibly be for me to learn or experience from a visit to Monticello.”

Rebecca was blessed with the answer and the rest of this complex story 16 months later. This book chronicles her continued healing journey from that time and that place.

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