Implications of the Millennium Workings

©1999 Vincent Bridges

Connection to Enochian
Kicked off by Enochian Apocalypse Working in Sedona in September of 1996, which formed the etheric structure of a multidimensional geometry of intelligence. The Apocalypse working completed, perhaps for the first time since its transmission in the 16th century, the Enochian or Ophanic astral communication device. This structure included the basic forms necessary to harmonize the on-coming galactic alignments. Nick showed up for the working, and helped align it to galactic center. He was the first to make a major point of the Great Cross, but had the dates wrong. Many other major problems with Nick, but his presence is a factor in the mix. A little more than a year later, the Ophanic Intelligences announced that projecting the Tree of Life on the Celestial sphere on the equinox for the next ten equinoxes was the simplest way to align with the energy shift of the Great Cross. At the time they announced this, I was still unaware of how the Tree of Life related to our discoveries about Hendaye. It was indeed the OI angels that gave me the clue. From this realization came the idea of the Gnosis Gnomon and its connection with the labyrinth. That basic idea led to a complete unraveling of Hendaye’s message. Not just the moment of celestial alignment, but a hidden indication of the process itself.

Remedial Sacred Interdimensional Geometry 101
Five Platonic solids: tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, dodecahedron and icosahedron, organized in a single, tetrahedron, and two duals, cube/octahedron and dodecahedron/icosahedron, or mutually defining forms. That’s in 3D of course. In 4D, we find six regular solids, two pairs of duals and two self-duals, or self-defining forms.
Our singular solid, the tetrahedron, is the basic 3D minimal form, as the triangle is in 2D. Its stability comes from the fact that its center of gravity is defined by diagonals of the center point of the edges, making it non-dual, or a unique boundary forming the sharp demarcation between 2D and 3D. All higher forms and dimensions seem to emerge from this singular seed of form.
Regular truncation of the tetrahedron only produces more smaller tetrahedrons. New forms emerge by adding tetras and allowing them to merge. Two tetras form an interlocking star-like pattern that can be truncated to form the next Platonic solid, the octahedron. The octahedron duals into the cube, point to face, and the cube spins into the dodecahedron, which stellates into its dual, the icosahedron. 3D emerges from the tetra, but what of 4D?
It also emerges from the tetra. If we take five tetrahedrons and merge them according to their bilateral symmetry we form the 3D shadow of a pentatope, the simplest 4D figure. Each of its five dimensional faces is a regular tetrahedron. If we think of these five tetrahedrons and their merge symmetry as two loops of five plane faces, then the folding and unfolding of the pentatope through 3D space forms a Moebius strip. This creates the pentatope’s self referencing duality. The shadow of this self-referencing in 2D is a pentagram inscribed in a pentagon.
Just as the tetra acts as a boundary form between 2D and 3D, the pentatope acts a boundary between 3D and 4D. Except the boundary between 3 and 4D is permeable, by the self-referencing Phi ratio pentagram, whereas the boundary between 2D and 3D is singular and non-permeable. This suggests that the flow of energy/information is from higher dimensions to the lower, with the tetra as the ultimate packing form of that energy/information stream. We can think of this flow as centropic, or anti-time, as opposed to the entropic flow of evolutionary time. The switch plate, from entropic to centropic, for our local space/time is the conscious use of the pentagram’s dimensional doorway, the Moebius strip of packing and unpacking tetrahedrons.
The other 4D solids emerge from their 3D analogs by the same process of adding dimensional cells. The 16 cell hyper-octahedron adds another face to each 3D face to become an octahedron inside an octahedron. The same happens with the cube. Just as the cube is formed from the square by duplicating the square, moving them apart and connecting the corresponding edges, so too the hyper-cube by separating duplicate cubes and then joining the edges. Counting the two original cubes, this gives the hyper-cube eight dimensional cells, each of which defines two cells of its dual, the hyper-octahedron, making the 4D pair of duals the reverse of the 3D pair.
Adding another eight cells to the hyper-octahedron produces the second 4D self-referencing solid, the 24-cell polytope. It is formed by truncating the hyper-octahedron, making each dimensional cell a 3D octahedron. We can think of the 24 cell as the super hyper-octahedron. Its self-referencing packing and unpacking pattern unfolds as a Mobieus strip of 23 pairs of plane faces of the unilateral spin symmetry of the octahedron. The 24 cell can also be constructed from two hyper-cubes by cutting one into its eight cubical cells and attaching these cells to the dimensional cells of the other hyper-cube. The 24 cell also embeds within it all the lower 3D and 4D solids, making it a sort of master form for 3D/4D interaction.
There are two more 4D solids, the 600 cell and the 120 cell, which are duals and are developed from the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Like the cube/octa – hyper-octa/hyper-cube reversal, these higher 4D duals are also reversed from 3D. These higher 4D solids have the same relationship with the lower solids as in 3D. Five icosahedron merge to form the 120 cell polytope, and fifty dodecahedrons form Phi ratios within the 600 cell figure, just as five cubes form a dodecahedron and the vertices of the icosahedron appear within the octahedron when its edges are divided into a Phi ratio.
The basic arrangement of 3D/4D interaction is best described by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life pattern. In this diagram, formed from the centers and intersections of four interpenetrating circles, we find the progression of related solids, in both dimensions. At the bottom is the tetrahedron, our singular physical form in 3D, and its counter-part, the pentatope, the 4D self-referencing switch plate that provides access to the other 4D solids. Above that is the cube/octa and hyper-octa/hyper-cube grouping. This coalesces into a matrix form, the 24 cell 4D polytope with no 3D analog, which mediates the upper part of the Tree, the dodeca/icosa and the 600 cell and the 120 cell 4D polytopes. The 24 cell polytope takes the Daat or gnosis position on the Tree.
The Geometry of the Earth Grid and its Connection to the Tree of Life
The earth is a dodecahedronal crystal. While the crustal plates no longer match the dodeca pattern, an indication of the planet’s age, the basic crystal structure survives. Each face is defined by the top point of one of twelve prism-like 3D Trees expanding outward from the earth’s core. This point becomes the center of the dodecahedron’s pentagonal face and one of the vertices of its dual, the icosahedron. If we project all five platonic solid onto the surface of a sphere, they nest perfectly within the pattern defined by the icosa-dodeca. This pattern has been called the earth grid and there is much evidence that it was used by the last pre-catastrophe civilization.
Just how did they use it is the question. If we think of these twelve Kether or crown points on the surface of the earth as the center point of the vast dimensional doorway created by the pentagonal form, then we can see them as mediating this flow of centropic energy out through the resulting icosa-dodeca grid geometry. This grid also contains the spherical patterns of the other Platonic solids, which act as seeds for their 4D counterparts. The earth through its grid sustains life by creating a resonant oscillation between dimensions. Sentience itself maybe an artifact of the grid, because as we saw, self-referencing, a pre-condition of awareness, occurs only when 3D folds into 4D, five tetrahedrons interlocking to form the pentatope and its pentagon/pentagram shadow. To the Pythagoreans, the pentagram was the symbol for humanity, an indication of their understanding of the self-awareness that makes us human.
If the earth grid mediates the Platonic solids and their 4D analogs, where do we find the 24 cell polytope, the Daat/gnosis master solid?
We might look for something that makes the earth unique, such as the orbit of its satellite, the moon. Thinking in terms of the Tree of Life, we can collapse the middle pillar, Kether, Daat, Tiphareth, Yesod and Malkuth, into two concentric circles, Kether/Tiphareth/Malkuth and Daat/Yesod. This helps us see the identity between the sphere of Daat/Gnosis and the sphere of the moon as well as the collapsing focus from galactic center to the sun and then onto the earth, Malkuth, the kingdom. With this in mind, we can place the 24 cell polytope in space, within the sphere of the moon. When we do this, we notice that the cubical center of the 24 cell forms within the sphere of the earth. When Daat/Gnosis is properly aligned, then the earth becomes a cube of space where dimensions overlap.

The Great Cross and the New Jerusalem
In preparing for the Apocalypse working, I discovered that the Tablet of Nalvage unfolded into the 24 cell polytope. I placed this in the sphere of the moon for the reasons noted above. At that point, I did not notice the importance of the central cube. But as our understanding of the Great Cross and its connection to the New Jerusalem/Cube of Space developed, it became apparent that the central cube formed by the 24 cell 4D figure was indeed a key component.
The Great Cross is the moment coded on the monument at Hendaye, the moment when the cube of space is actually formed in the heavens by the appropriate alignments of the sun, moon and galactic center. The monument also tells us that the Cube is formed over the period of twenty years, from the summer solstice of 1992 to the winter solstice of 2012.
The ancient Abrahamic astronomy tells us that the Cube of Space is formed from the three dragon axis of the universe, the ecliptic axis, the galactic axis and the planetary equinox axis. In projecting the Tree of Life on the Cube of Space, we find that the ecliptic axis connects the top and bottom face of the cube while the galactic and the planetary connect opposite edges on the horizontal plane.
If we also think of each axis as uniting a pair of faces on the Cube of Space, then our three celestial axis, the ecliptic pole, the galactic pole and the equinox sunrise, form a perfect cube within a cube on the mid-point of the twenty year cycle, the fall equinox of 2002. We can see this by remembering that the earth cube is formed on each equinox. As the equinoxes precess backward against the fixed stars, the earth cube slowly rotates. The fixed locations of the Cube of Space form a space/time constant with which the earth cube comes into alignment once every 13,000 or so years.
This twenty year period of alignment is the window of opportunity, the eschatological moment when the New Jerusalem descends to earth. In Revelations 21:16 we are told that the New Jerusalem is a vast cube, one that fractally encompasses the entire planet. Since the embedded cube is a key component in the earth grid, then we might think of it, and its analog, the central cube of the 24 cell 4D polytope, as the resonant core in this cascade of hyper-cubes. Thinking in terms of our collapsed middle pillar of the Tree of Life, we can see the galactic center, Kether, as a 5D hexatope, seed form of higher dimensions, mediating energy/matter in the form of 3D/4D packets. The sun acts as a hyper-cube step-down transformer for the galactic flow, mediating explosions of light and matter. The cube of the earth mediates this through the earth grid.
New Jerusalem then becomes the unitary model which allows the earth cube and the solar hyper-cube to nest within the higher dimensional flow coming from galactic central. It would mediate the centropic to entropic collapse of light into matter by stabilizing the oscillation between 3 and 4 D, in other words, a virtually eternal reality constructed from mind mirroring matter with its own light.
The window of opportunity to create this is very narrow, and the results of failure seem to be dire. The resonant alignment would seem to produce an implosion of energy/information from the galactic core. The New Jerusalem Cube is the switch box, and, to follow the analogy, if it is wired wrong or not at all, then it explodes when the juice is turned on. The current is already running, and the sparks are popping all over the planet.

The Radical Implications
In my examination of the Enochian system, I discovered that the core of the system, the tablets of the elements, form an unfolded hyper-cube/hyper-octa matrix. Since the Enochian alphabet itself develops out of an octa/hyper-octa language crystal we might suspect that the entire system is designed to translate the hyper-dimensional energy cascade created by the alignments of the Cube of Space.
This means that the Enochian system might just be the best way we have of dealing with the influx of energy/information form the galactic core.
Since the spring equinox of 1998, we have been doing regular equinox alignments of the Cube of Space by projecting the Tree of Life on the Celestial sphere. Spring ’98 took place at the Newport Earth Institute in Newport, New Hampshire. Fall ’98 and spring ’99 happened at Temple Strange in Mt. Gilead. Fall ’99 was on a mountain top in east Tennessee, and the mandate for the future is to travel. Each alignment has been exponentially greater in energy than the one before. This past equinox, strange eruptions from the sun were noticed and photographed by the SOHO satellite and the earth’s magnetic field went haywire for a few days. We can expect this activity to increase, with spikes on the equinoxes, until the cube goes exact in 2002.
The moment of maximum resonance, the fall equinox of 2002, is the mid point in an alignment pattern that started with the summer sunrise in 1992 and reaches completion with the winter solstice sunrise of 2012. In 2012, when the sun rises in conjunction with the center of the galaxy, the hyper-cube cascade reaches critical and the Cube crystallizes or fragments. We can think of 1992 to 2002 as the period when the wave front of the cube takes shape. It goes into resonance in 2002, and depending on the feedback modulation from the earth cube, crystallizes over the next ten years, or begins to break-up immediately, dissipating entirely by 2012.
Therefore we only have six equinoxes left to create our Enochian transformer cube within the projected Celestial Tree.