An Omen for Armageddon, Part 1: Signs and portents in the sky

By Vincent Bridges 02/20/03

I am a child of the space age, starry eyed and wonder fuelled on all the science fiction archetypes a 1950s childhood could produce. To me, it was always obvious that we were living in mythological times.

On Saturday morning, February 1st, 2003, at just after 9 AM eastern time, our space age aspirations created a mythic event with cosmic ramifications, visible in the skies as a comet-like arrow of fire exploding and dissolving into a rain of death. Our collective unconscious, numbed by the impending rush to what could be an apocalyptic conflict in the Middle East, has yet to absorb the implications of what we all witnessed via television. The mythic symbolism is so powerful we feel an innate taboo against talking about it directly. And so it seeps deeper and deeper into the unconsciousness of us all.

By Monday, some folks out there, from very different perspectives, were beginning to suspect that there was indeed a mythic level to the space shuttle disaster:“It is time for the American people to begin meditating about what USA policies in the Middle East are doing to the Palestinian people and about what George Bush is about to do to Iraqi civilians. There is a God! Many call him Dios and others call him Allah. Dios, Allah and God is the one supreme universal being, Creator of the entire universe. He does from time to time intervene in our affairs. He works in mysterious ways but always He gives signs.

“The brilliant Jewish (sic) “explorer of inner space” Carl Jung wrote of synchronicities in the lives of human beings and of the “collective unconscious”. Synchronicities, according to Jung, are those pesky little “meaningful coincidences” that often occur during times of crisis. Perhaps the “meaningful coincidence” involving the Jewish astronaut and Palestine, Texas is a way of God talking to us.” (Ernesto Cienfuegos – La Voz de Aztlan, 2/3/03)
And later that day, John Hogue, one of the world’s foremost Nostradamus scholars, chimed in with this:
“It is my belief that last Saturday’s space shuttle disaster (1 February.) is the first illumination of a succession of events coming in the next few months concerning Century 2 Quatrain 62.”“Nestled in the grass in a field in eastern Texas, lies a mission patch from the fallen space shuttle Columbia. It somehow had miraculously survived its fiery fall out of the morning sky. The names of the seven heroic astronauts who died make an outline of their space shuttle. A glowing trail like a comet’s tale streaks through the shuttle’s outline ending in a many-pointed star. It is a star very similar to that filmed by a hundred amateur video cameras across Texas as it fell to earth like a flaming comet. Mabus will soon die, then will come, A horrible undoing of people and animals… when the comet will pass.
“Has the comet just passed?
“Is this the chilling portent of things to come for America if they should hurry off to war?
“Destiny holds it breath as America primes its war machine.”
(John Hogue, email from Hogue Prophecy Bulletin, 2/3/03)
Interesting isn’t it, that such different perspectives and ways of organizing the synchronistic component of the archetypal event could arrive at basically the same conclusion? It is a bad omen, an ill augury, for America and its on-rushing charge to war.
Last fall, just after the equinox, I wrote an article entitled “After Judgment Day.” I planned to post it on the follow up page to the Djed Raising event, but kept hesitating. Now, I think I know why.

Here’s the relevant section:
In the spring of 1999, soon after I returned from a research trip in France, I followed and matched events in the Balkans to Nostradamus’ quatrains and thereby had a revelation. The quatrains were not designed to predict events, but to point to places and events where the larger forces that drive history took one path rather than another. Which path was which could be determined by studying the events in terms of the prophetic pattern of possible futures laid out by Nostradamus.

Nostradamus then was giving us a blueprint to the convergence points of possible histories. By being aware of which events described in the quatrains actually occurred, it should be possible to determine which stream of the future we were heading down. The Balkan conflict was a key switch point, and as the events played out, we could see the range of possible future actions taking shape around us. Nostradamus’ “fantasy “of a possible world conflict erupting from the Middle East was rapidly becoming more and more a reality.
It was also not lost on me that the only two numerical dates given by Nostradamus, 1792 and 1999, were significant in the pattern we had uncovered. The first date, 1792, is very close, just slightly more than 1/36th of a degree, to the point where the galactic meridian and the zenith/nadir of the sky at the latitude of Cairo began to align. This would be easily discernable with a good armillary sphere and so within the reach of Nostradamus or any other astronomer. The second, 1999, no matter how we count it, falls within the critical period described by Fulcanelli as the season of the catastrophe. If we consider that the MABUS archetype, Nostradamus’ Third Anti-Christ, is a contraction of the names of the three principle players, OsaMA, SaddAM and BUSh, then the events of 9/11/2001 and afterward indicate that the future is collapsing into the very dire pattern glimpsed by Nostradamus.

Adding to this is the fact of America’s emergence as a new imperial power on a level that goes far beyond anything ever seen before. By considering a pre-emptive strike on a sovereign nation because it might, at some future point threaten the country’s security, America reveals itself as just another power hungry Empire as morally bankrupt as it is politically corrupted. And this action of course appears destined to bring on the global conflict with Islam foreseen by Nostradamus. Some of the worst-case scenarios for our unilateral action against Iraq read much like the worst future described by Nostradamus’ quatrains. Is this accident, synchronicity, or what?

Nostradamus however does give us a few clues, signposts to watch out for as the momentum for war builds. In Century II, Quatrain 62, the quatrain where Nostradamus dubs the Third Anti-Christ Mabus, we are given a sequence. First a “comet” then the death of Mabus triggers a grisly vengeance. This suggests Century VIII, Quatrain 77, where the death of the Third Anti-Christ either ends or provokes a 27 year long Armageddon.

MABUS, our unholy trinity of protagonists, appears to be intrinsically linked. The death of any one of them, or at least the sudden death of either Bush or Saddam, might just provoke a vengeful cataclysmic confrontation that would end in the very worst of all Nostradamus’ possible futures. The “comet” could be the leading edge of the galactic superwave, or it could be a missile attack on Bagdad or Jerusalem, or perhaps, even Washington.

But this is not the only quatrain about a “comet.” One of the most interesting such quatrains, and one that perhaps dates the comet referred to in II/62, is Century II, Quatrain 46 (46-62 inclusive = 17). It speaks directly of renewing the “great motor” of the centuries, a reference to the equinox and the galactic alignment, and says that after a cycle of great misery, an even greater one approaches. Blood, iron and milky-looking toxic materials will rain down as a fire is seen streaking across the sky with a blazing trail of sparks. This clearly suggests a rocket, and even the number of the quatrain, 46, points to 1946, the year America appropriated Von Braun and the German V-2 program, the precursor of both the ICBM and the Atlas V.

Therefore, Nostradamus is presenting a schema or template for the immediate future. A sign or portent in the sky will signal the beginning of the Final Crusade, our ill-conceived aggressive war on Iraq and its consequences. Perhaps it will be the close approach of a comet, or even more likely it will be a missile strike launched by one side or the other that leads to the death of Mabus and the resulting terrible consequences. Quatrain II/46 suggests that it will happen soon, perhaps, given the necessities of war in the region, in January or February. (written 10/12/2002)

If, as John Hogue speculates, the space shuttle disaster was the “comet,” which seems likely given II/46, then sometimes in the next hundred days or so (02/01/03 to 05/10/030); we can expect that one of the three Mabuses will die, and that the resulting vengeance will touch off the catastrophe of the Final Crusade, Armageddon itself. A chilling thought to be sure.
However, the symbolic harbinger of that approaching disaster is in its way a message. The space shuttle disaster happened for reasons that we may never fully understand, but the event itself crystallized a pattern of synchronistic occurrences, facts, numbers, connections and connotations, that gave it a mythic proportion in and of itself. Nostradamus used, in his cryptic way, this mythic dimension to mark an unmistakable turning point in human existence. As we live through it, we could not help but be aware of the meaning of the “comet.” This, Nostradamus considered, could only help us understand, and perhaps avoid, the cataclysm so quickly approaching on its heels.

The hidden 17 connecting the two quatrains in Century II demonstrates that Nostradamus had an eerie degree of insight, or a powerful sense of synchronicity. By following this strange numerical clue, and others like it, we can unravel the mythic meanings behind the space shuttle Columbia’s explosive end between Palestine and Tyler, Texas. And by doing so we find echoes and symbolic reflections of all the forces at work in the approaching Armageddon.

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